Hi guys, welcome to my 15-Minutes Bodyweight HIIT Program! Each of the following workouts should be performed only after an adequate warm-up. Each work out is designed to be done in an EMOM style. (every minute on the minute) At the beginning of each minute, start the given exercise and work for 20-40 seconds depending on your fitness level. The remaining time left in that minute is your rest and set up a time for the next movement. Cycle through all five movements three times for a total of 15 minutes of work. Let's begin!

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  • Fitness mat
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  • Paige Hudson

    2 may 2020
    I love your class so much!!! I really love the motivation I get throughout the class. Thank you so much. I highly recommend this class for anyone who loves to sweat!!! Thank you again. I tune in everyday!!!!
    • Kenechukwu Obikwelu

      19 may 2020
      Nice one there