Intentional Yoga Flow with Mara Olney

Intentional Yoga Flow with Mara Olney

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Mara Olney



Hello friends! I’m Mara Olney, and this is Intentional Flow. I am really excited to deliver this series to you. I wanted to bring you something from my home practice that is simple, challenging, and buildable. This series is about creating effective movements with intention and while also paying attention to how your breath affects your practice and your overall state of wellbeing. All of these classes are built for all levels of athletes and yogis. Yes, that’s right, YOU are an athlete and a yogi, whether you knew it or not. These short classes can be practiced individually or any of them can be stacked together for a more well-rounded experience on your mat. Whether your intention is to become stronger, more flexible, calmer, and more relaxed, you are going to achieve all of those things in this series. What I want from you in - to work hard, don’t overthink what we are doing, and also, please sit or lay down for a minute or two of self-reflection after you are finished with your work. Take that time to breathe with intention and to observe how and what you are feeling. All you need is a mat, and maybe some water close by. When you are ready, meet me on the mat!

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  • Sel A.

    30 july 2020
    Really good yoga sessions! I liked all of them but especially the relaxation part 👍🧘🏻‍♂️
  • Kira Lee

    25 may 2020
    Great classes and I really enjoyed it!