BoSS Babe Booty Building & Arm Sculpt Program with Jules Ann

BoSS Babe Booty Building & Arm Sculpt Program with Jules Ann

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Hey y’all!! My name is Jules and I’m here to show you how to go sleeveless in 15 min a day for two weeks! In this challenge, you will get 10 different (15 minute) upper body workouts, led by yours truly! Each workout is presented to build endurance and challenge your upper body. Sculpted arms are not only the best accessory but also helpful for posture, joint health and overall upper body strength. This is designed specifically for you busy girl bosses with limited time, don’t have access to a real gym or maybe you are just looking for something a little extra to mix up your workouts - these short workouts are just the trick. Health and fitness have been my passion as long as I can remember. I am a Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor, fitness coach, and corporate boss babe…who’s been in your shoes, working in a corporate role while traveling over 80% of the time…all while getting in the best shape of my life at 50yrs old. I specialize in 90-day transformations & women who feel it is past their time. That getting that athletic, healthy shape back is impossible. In this series, see how I develop my upper body and stayed consistent while on the road! I'm honored to be part of this platform with you and I can’t no wait to teach you all of my favorite and most effective arm moves. We’ll get our sweat on, challenge ourselves and build some beautiful arms together all while having some fun. Let’s get moving! Xx

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